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A Sensory Gifts Christmas List: Super Cool Gift Ideas for Sensory Seekers and Avoiders

Are you a Mom or a Dad to a kid with sensory processing issues? I´ve just started my “hunt” for Christmas gifts that can provide my son with a nice dose of sensory stimulation. So, if you are also looking for sensory gifts, keep on reading.

It´s actually been quite fun. I´ve been pleasantly surprised to find quite a number of fun and cool gifts that may make it under our Christmas tree this year. I´ve prepared a long Sensory Gifts Christmas List with all the “runner-ups”. And I have also added a few of the presents that have been real “hits” for us in the past (just in case you had not tried them yet)

Sensory Gift Ideas for Christmas

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When I start making my lists I always try to make them not only super fun (that´s a lot in itself!) but also very useful or beneficial. So my “self-briefing”, when I started my sensory friendly Christmas gift list, was:



active /healthy/ exercise, or

sensorily interesting: textures / lights / sounds /movement, or

stimulates vestibular and proprioceptive systems


So, no matter if you have a sensory seeker or a sensory avoider (or both in one, as lots of us do!), you are welcome to look for some inspiration in my Sensory Gifts Christmas List (I´m open to suggestions. At this stage, this is still a work in progress!)

Sensory Gifts Christmas List

Getting Active/ Exercise / Stimulating Vestibular and Proprioceptive Systems

1. How would you feel about transforming their bikes into the coolest thing in the neighborhood?

Active Life LED Tires can transform their bikes into something really cool!


We can also keep them fit & entertained in the backyard with these:

2. Stepping Buckets Balance Builders

3. Or with a bit of hopping with the Space Hopper Ball

4. Or jumping on this cool trampoline

5. Unless they are too big for that one! In which case you may need to consider a real grownup trampoline!

6. Or even better, do you have a corner where you can create an indoors playground:


7. Stand, sit, rock on a Teeter Popper!

8. A Swing!

The swinging motion has great benefits for kids:

  • it strengthens the vestibular and proprioceptive systems
  • it improves kids’ coordination, balance, body awareness and concentration.

This one (Spinner Swing)  is great for outdoors. We got a swing ourselves last year and it has been such a popular gift!

And this great  therapy swing works both indoors & outdoors (the picture is not great -just to put it mildly- but it has more than 200 reviews & great feedback in Amazon)



Moving into Textures!

9. A Sandbox

Can you imagine your kids’ faces if they wake up to a sandbox in the backyard?



You may not have space for such a big present, but you don´t need to give up on sand or similar textures:

10. Kinetic Play Sand

11. And since we are still talking about textures. How about a Slime Kit?!

12. Unless you really want the job done for you! Then you can go for this cool colorful slime

13. Playfoam is another nice present for those who like to feel different textures

Sensory Gifts  for Toddlers

14. A Waterwheel Table


15. A Wooden Xylophone. Educational and entertaining!

  • great for learning musical harmony
  • improves hand-eye coordination

16. Kids’ Ball Pit, Tents and Tunnels:

And don´t forget to add the pack of 400 plastic balls to the mix (they are not included in the tent & tunnels above)


A Gift for Sensory Avoiders

17. Earmuffs to hear some music

Our son sometimes wears earmuffs to mitigate noises that he finds too overwhelming. I must say we have not found the right earmuffs yet. He somehow expects all noises to be completely canceled. And I doubt there is anything like that. We were recently walking around the neighborhood and he mentioned, wouldn´t it be nice if instead of the noise outside, there was music in my earmuffs. So we may consider something like this for this Christmas:




Stocking Filler and Other Small Sensory Gifts

18. Sensory Chew Necklace:

19. Fidget Toys:


20. A Pack of Fidget Spinners (including lights and glow-in-the-dark)

21. A Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy

22. A Liquid Motion Bubble Timer

23. And how about convincing them to go for a very relaxing “color” bath? The color bath sends my kids to the bathroom on the double!

24. And, isn´t this cool? LED Gloves!!!



We will also add some books and board games to the mix. Have you read my post “Anger Games. Super Fun Ways to Learn Coping Skills“. I highly recommend it. Some of the games suggested in the post are great ways to help kids develop coping skills, and fun at the same time.

How is it going so far? I may continue including fun and cool Christmas gift ideas as I discover them. So bookmark this post and come back to it, when you sit in front of your computer to start your Christmas shopping.

Happy Shopping!

Sensory Gifts Ideas for Christmas


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