• 5 Tips for a Special Needs International Relocation

    5 Tips for a Special Needs International Relocation

    An international relocation for a family with a child with special needs is not an easy undertaking. At the beginning of 2017, we left Spain, where our two children had lived for the whole life they could remember, bound for New Zealand. Neither of them spoke English and despite having dual citizenship, they were more Latino than Kiwis. You cannot always organise everything you would like by remote control, but in our case, we were able to prepare some aspects of our new adventure before hopping on the plane. 5 Tips for a Special Needs International Relocation These are some of the things we planned well before our relocation that…

  • Reflections

    8 Reasons for our Kids´ Anger Management Success Story

    In my previous post, I shared with you how we are working at home on anger management. The post covered the following topics: a) How do I explain to my child what anger is and its function?; b) What does anger look like? How angry am I?; and c) Anger management activities for kids. Today I would like to share what I believe are the 8 reasons for our kids´ anger management success story. Same people, some of the same activities but, unlike in previous home interventions, a successful outcome. (Disclosure: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a…

  • Autism Awareness Day

    6 Reasons Why I Feel Fortunate We Found Our Caretaker Who Is On The Autism Spectrum

    A year back, our family relocated to a new country. Our eldest son has an intellectual disability and meets criteria for autism spectrum disorder. Since we are celebrating autism awareness day, I thought it was a perfect day to share why I feel immensely grateful that we found the person who helps us take care of our son. Our caretaker has high functioning autism. She has been a blessing and I am sharing below the reasons why we feel we have been very fortunate we found her (and honestly, this is just top of my mind. I´m sure if I took a bit longer-which I can´t because the kids are…

  • Special Needs Siblings

    4 Ideas to Support Special Needs Siblings

    Being the sibling of a child with special needs is not easy. Caring for a child with special needs often involves large doses of individualized attention. And the siblings may feel they are not getting the attention they crave. In our case, our son needs continuous supervision. There is no way I can take a shower while he watches television. By the time I finish, he could have left the house or our living room could have been transformed into a war zone. This intense supervision and the need to deal with “crisis” management may end up translating into less attention to our daughter. A few months ago, I was…

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