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Kids’ Wall Art Ideas to Develop Coping Skills & Fight Anxiety

Could we turn our kids’ wall art into a powerful resource to develop coping skills?

When you help your kids prepare a noticeboard for their bedroom, you may think you are just helping them brighten up their room. But kid’s wall art may also be the right vehicle to help them build their confidence and resilience.

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Benefits of An Inspirational Kids’ Wall Art

Our kids’ wall art can be a lot more than nice décor or a super fun family activity. A “Wall of Happiness” (that´s the name my daughter chose for her special board) can be a tool that helps our kids:

  • Boost their confidence
  • Cope with worries and anxiety

How to Turn Your Kids’ Wall Art into An Invaluable Coping Skills Resource

An inspirational bulletin board (or all the bedroom wall itself!) can:

  • Help them visualize happy moments
    In those moments when they need to fight worry thoughts or anxiety, changing those negative thoughts into happy memories is a great coping mechanism. By using happy memories visuals, we are helping them visualize “happiness”
  • Remind them of all the things they love and feel proud about
    Being reminded about their achievements and how loved they are helps their self-esteem and confidence
  • Help them focus on positive aspects of their lives
    Some kids tend to focus on negatives and all the things that they feel are going wrong with their day. A “Wall of Happiness” can bring their attention to those positive things in their lives that they are not considering
  • Promote gratitude
    Gratitude statements in their wall will remind them of all the good things they should be grateful for

An inspirational kids’ art wall reminds me of the inspirational bulletin boards widely used at schools. Teachers use these boards to:

  • Teach values
  • Foster team spirit
  • Promote gratitude
  • Celebrate important events /festivals/seasons
  • And they are great decoration too!

So, why not, reproducing this very useful tool in our own kids’ bedrooms

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Inspirational Kids’ Art Wall: What Could You Include in your Wall of Happiness

Our initial objective was to prepare a “Wall of Achievements” to remind our kids of all the great progress they were doing. But very early on the project, we realized we really wanted to include all the things that make us happy. When my daughter titled her board “My Wall of Happiness” we were clear on the direction our project was going to tale.

These are some ideas of items you could consider including in your inspirational kids’ art wall:

  • Pictures of those we love (family, friends, pets)
  • Memories that make us happy (a holiday spot, a picture receiving a prize, a birthday party picture
  • Happy Notes or Post-Its with words that bring you happiness or good memories
  • Beautiful Decoration: flowers, balloons, stickers
  • Prizes that make us proud
  • Drawings
  • Pictures of places we want to visit
  • Positive Affirmations Cards
  • Quotes
  • Special Objects (for example a present you received)
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Postcards

Wall of Happiness Inspiration

Your creativity is your limit! But I’ve curated some gorgeous and/or inspiring kids’ art walls to give you some ideas of what it could look like. I´m still on the fence about sharing mine. LOL! I´m not artsy-craftsy (on the contrary, I´m quite hopeless!). So although we love our walls of happiness, they may not be the best sale for this idea.

O.K. On second thoughts, I may share it.

But scroll down to look for some gorgeous inspirational ideas.

Here we mixed the concept of “wall of achievements” with “what makes you happy”. So included:

  • big achievements ( a reading award, overcoming fears and learning to boogie board – it may all sound simple, but just to give you some context,  our son has special needs. So, these are all big achievements for us)
  • things that we love (family, friends, holiday destinations, activities in the garden)

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Beautiful Kids’ Art Walls

I´ve checked Instagram for some beautiful kids’ art walls that could inspire your own wall. So, you can take my tips on how to use a kids’ wall art to build coping skills, and add some of the nice ideas you will see below.

These are some of my favorite ones:

I like the simplicity of this one. Just a line to hang kids’ drawing with some clothespins.

Photo credit:  @boldly_north


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Una publicación compartida de Heather Bergman (@boldly_north) el

This one is a similar concept. I like how Picasso’s quote frames the kids’ art.

Photo Credit: @deadmoongrrrl13


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Una publicación compartida de Ceri Makokis (@deadmoongrrrl13) el

Using a nice canvas frame to display kids’ drawings

Photo credit: @peggypaulpaula


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Una publicación compartida de Peggy (@peggypaulpaula) el

This wall will make some kid extremely proud. Beautiful work.

Photo credit: @carlaenriciglobal


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Una publicación compartida de Carla Enrici (@carlaenriciglobal) el

Another beautiful display:

Photocredit: @papersnpencilsathome


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Other DIY Projects that Help Emotional Regulation

Could we turn our kids’ wall art into a powerful resource to develop coping skills?

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