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Anger Management Worksheets for Kids & Teens

Useful anger management worksheets for kids & teens +
Other anger management resources

Anger management worksheets are useful tools that can assist us when we need to work with kids and teens on developing coping skills and appropriate ways to deal with anger. Anger management worksheets for kids and teens may be a good support to address one or more of the following issues:

  • analyzing anger issues
  • identifying anger triggers
  • teaching social problem-solving
  • teaching / learning emotion identification
  • planning our coping strategies
  • tracking our anger management progress

The worksheets that I share below will be extremely useful to support your work on coping skills development at home and at school, and a very useful resource for your counseling / health practice.

These worksheets can be found in posts that deal with specific aspects of anger management. Those articles also share tips and advice on how to use these anger management resources.

Anger Management Worksheets for Kids

The anger worksheets mentioned below have been designed specifically for kids.

Anger Triggers Worksheets

Anger triggers can be situations, moods, actions, anything that makes your child angry.

Anger trigger worksheets help you work with your kid on identifying anger triggers. The post below will take you through:

  1. most common anger triggers
  2. ideas to brainstorm your child’s anger triggers
  3. ideas on how to prepare an action plan to deal appropriately with those triggers

? Go to the post and grab your anger triggers worksheets

Anger Signs Worksheet

Recognizing and responding to others’ facial expressions or emotional states is difficult for some kids, especially children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or intellectual disabilities.

The post below will provide you with:

  1. A checklist of anger signs (the way our body tells us that we are getting angry)
  2. A beautiful anger signs worksheet for kids

? Go to the post and grab your anger signs worksheet

Expressing Anger Worksheets

Some kids find it difficult to identify, label or express feelings. Emotions charts (or feelings thermometers) are a very useful tool to help kids express their anger appropriately.

The post below will teach you how to use emotions charts effectively, and provide you with a free anger thermometer.

? Go to the post and grab your anger expression worksheet (emotions chart)

Problem-Solving Worksheet

Often, anger problems arise from the inability to solve a problem.

In those cases, developing good problem-solving abilities may be the best help.

You could work on developing your kid´s problem-solving abilities by helping your child:

  • Identify and describe a problem
  • Generate alternatives
  • Predict consequences
  • Choose the best alternative, and
  • Action it.

This is a simple problem-solving worksheet that may be useful when you work with kids.

? This worksheet is included in the anger management worksheet for teens (next section).

Anger Management Worksheets for Teens

These useful anger management worksheets for teens will help them:

  1. Identify their anger triggers
  2. Brainstorm problem-solving solutions
  3. Make coping skills choices.

Tip: Before you work with these worksheets, I highly recommend you read my posts about anger triggers and calming strategies for kids, as they will provide you with ideas to fill in the worksheets

? Download your anger management worksheets for teens (fill in your details below this picture – this download includes only the teens’ worksheets + problem-solving worksheets)

Calm Down Worksheets & Tools

54321 Grounding Technique

The 54321 exercise is a very simple but extremely effective grounding technique.  It distracts your attention from your unwanted emotions and thoughts, focusing on the here-and-now, by using your fives senses.

The post below will teach you how to practice the 54321 Grounding Exercise and you will also be able to download a free poster.

? 54321 Grounding Worksheet (poster)

Calming Toolbox

A calming box is a collection of items that help us self-regulate that are conveniently stored in a box or other type of container.

Having a calm down kit allows you to easily access all the items that facilitate your kids’ calm down strategies.

? Find ideas of useful ítem to include in your calming box

Calm Down Bottles

Sensory Bottles or  Calm Down Bottles are containers (bottles or jars) filled with different materials that provide a sensory soothing and pleasant experience.

? Learn how to prepare your own homemade calm down bottles (4 recipes)

Calm Down Strategy Cards

Using visuals (calm down cards) when teaching kids to cope with big emotions (anger or anxiety) helps them make their choices and promotes self regulation.

The post below provides you with tips and advice on how to use calm down cards. It also comes with a free set of 30 calming strategy cards. 

? Read post and downlaod your calm down strategy cards

Anger Management Worksheets for Kids & Teens

FREE ANGER MANAGEMENT WORKSHEETS FOR KIDS AND TEENS: Anger signs, anger triggers, problem solving, expressing emotions

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