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Emotions, friendship and social skills, independence, positive sense of self, sibling rivalry and bullying prevention. Would you like help with those everyday parenting issues?

The mid-childhood years are the most important when it comes to children’s emotional development and their mental health. Being a parent is not an easy task. I´m sure we all wonder sometimes if we are doing the best we could. There are also everyday life situations when we may be faced with issues we don´t know exactly how to address. In those moments, it would be great to have a helping hand to guide us through this amazing parenthood journey.  And guess what, this is exactly the reason why I´m writing this post.

(Spoiler Alert! I am distributing 10 Free Memberships to WeParent, a psychologist website guiding parents on children´s emotional development)

WeParent Free Memberships

A few weeks back I read about WeParent, a  newly launched psychology website. I thought it could be an interesting source of insights and advice for the readership of my blogs, so I expressed my interest to them in doing a review of their website. WeParent was launched in February 2018 and is backed by 40 years of clinical psychology experience of its co-founder Dr Tustin. It has been developed as a membership service that covers a broad range of everyday parenting issues (in the benefit of full disclosure, I have to say that I received a full year membership to be able to browse through the site and explore their content, and also 10 free full year memberships to be distributed to readers of this blog).

Post Contents:
1.About WeParent.co.uk
2.My Experience as a WeParent Member
3.What do I need to do to participate in this giveaway.

About WeParent.co.uk

The website content is divided into six categories: emotions, friendship and social skills, independence, positive sense of self, sibling rivalry and bullying prevention. Each of these categories covers different issues:

  1. Emotions: managing anger, dealing with grief, dealing with sadness, managing fears and anxieties and managing stress
  2. Friendship and social skills: sharing, managing jealousy, managing envy, managing disagreements and other considerations.
  3. Independence: looking after their things and self-care.
  4. A positive sense of self: developing empathy, learning perspectives, positive sense of self and consideration
  5. Sibling rivalry: sharing, managing jealousy, managing envy, developing empathy, learning perspectives, positive sense of self, managing disagreements and considerations.
  6. Bullying Prevention (just launched!- something that a lot of parents are worried about, as sometimes the signals may be easily missed)

The bullying prevention category is the first of four in our series on Bullying. Still to come:
-How Can I Tell if my Child’s Being Bullied – Out end June 2018
-What Can I Do If My Child’s Being Bullied? – Out end June 2018
-Reducing the Long-Term Effects of Bullying – Out end of July 2018

They sometimes release a “free module of the week” so you can check their website here to get a better idea of the type of support they can offer. And I will also share what I´ve seen so far.

My Own Experience As A WeParent Member

When I first browsed through their website I was really happy to see that it did actually cover most of the issues that I, as a parent, was currently interested in.

I also liked the way they structure their content:

1st) Psychology Facts: Each module starts with what they called “Psychology Fun Facts”. The information is conveyed in a clear and easy to understand way. I like the fact that they take the time to provide you with a mental framework to start work. Often after a health appointment, you come out with a set of instructions on what you are expected to do but with little understanding of why. I think understanding facts and why strategies work help us stick to professional recommendations.

2nd) Strategies: Once you have learnt a bit about the topic you have chosen, you go into suggested strategies to deal with the issues. Those strategies are structured into clear steps that you need to follow and there are often examples so that you can understand how some of the concepts translate into real everyday life situations.

Obviously, I can´t write about a product unless I have used it myself. During the past few weeks, I´ve been reading and implementing some of their strategies. I have started with the following topics:

-Managing Anger. If you have read my blog in the past you will know that I am big on this topic. I´ve worked a lot on anger management because it is a big issue for us now. So I have to admit that I thought I would not find too many things that I was not already doing. I was wrong. It found it really useful to be reminded of the different stages that we follow when we process anger. By keeping that in mind, we can make sure that we put in place strategies for all those stages.  I have also added some of their recommendations to the anger management strategies that I already have in place.

– Sibling rivalry. Oh, yes! As a parent of a kid with special needs, this one can be quite an issue. A child with special needs takes a good amount of your time and effort, and the sibling often feels he/she is given less attention (Which is true, by the way. Nothing subjective on this appreciation). I found some tips here on how to help kids understand fairness so that they come to learn that fairness does not mean that everybody has to be treated the same.

I am also planning to start working on the friends & social skills module, but I still have a lot of work going on in the previous ones.

Before I finish, I just want to remind you that if you have specific worries about your kid’s mental health or serious concerns you must always seek professional advice through your GP or whatever frontline service is available in your country. An online service is not a substitute for a healthcare practitioner.

What do I need to participate in this giveaway?

You have already done part of the job as you are already here. You don´t need to be a subscriber to my email list to enter into this draw. But, just in case you would like to join you can do it here :
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