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    Emotions, friendship and social skills, independence, positive sense of self, sibling rivalry and bullying prevention. Would you like help with those everyday parenting issues? The mid-childhood years are the most important when it comes to children’s emotional development and their mental health. Being a parent is not an easy task. I´m sure we all wonder sometimes if we are doing the best we could. There are also everyday life situations when we may be faced with issues we don´t know exactly how to address. In those moments, it would be great to have a helping hand to guide us through this amazing parenthood journey.  And guess what, this is exactly…

  • Breathing Exercises for Children

    Breathing Exercises for Kids: Lazy 8 Breathing

    Today I will write about deep breathing, breathing exercises for kids, why breathing techniques work and finally why the Lazy 8 Breathing technique that I recommend has worked for us. Deep breathing Deep breathing has multiple benefits such as helping to reduce anxiety, stress and pain sensation and improve concentration just to name a few of the best known. However, is it that easy to convince a kid in an anxious or angry moment to start a breathing exercise? I´ve personally found it mission impossible in the past. Scenes of my 10 y.o. come to my mind, only managing to arrive at the third inspiration before he starts shouting “four…

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    17 Anger Management Activities for Kids

    Last week was our ” anger management activities for kids ” week. My 10-year-old son has special needs. He has been struggling with his feelings of frustration and anger triggered by our relocation to a new country. We have been working at home and, unlike some other occasions, my daughter (7 y.o.) has also been full on participating. We are not new to this, but to my surprise, it seems to be working this time! Today, I will write about what we started doing last week. In my next post, I will list the reasons why I think we have been so successful this time. Post Index: How do I…