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Animal Yoga Poses for Kids: 32 Fun Animal Yoga Cards to Keep the Family Active!

Turn your home into an actual zoo with these fun animal yoga poses for kids!

Animal yoga poses for kids is one of my favorite activities to keep my kids active at home.

Yoga is the perfect rainy day activity or a great resource I keep in my back pocket when my partner is in a meeting in the next room, and I need to keep the kids quiet.

In my opinion, animal yoga poses are a secret weapon that every parent needs.

Curious to learn more? Keep reading.

Why Animal Yoga For Kids?

The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) -2017 edition- reported  8.4%  of children aged 4–17 years used yoga in the previous 12 months. The survey showed a significant increase from the 3.1% reported in 2012.

This is great news.

Practicing yoga is said to have multiple benefits for our health and our emotional development, like strengthening muscles, boosting immune systems, or helping us calm down.

But if you find it challenging to engage your child in this great activity, let me share a little trick.

One of my favorite ways to encourage my kids to try out different yoga poses is to make it into a fun game, like Animal Yoga!

Let’s think about it.

Are you more likely to get your kid to try a yoga pose if you suggest the Cow Pose or if you talk about Bitilasana (the Sanskrit name for Cow Pose)? 😉

We don’t need to answer this, do we?

Favorite Animal Yoga Poses for Kids

Introducing new ways to move is essential for a healthy foundation for your children, which is why turning yoga into a fun game is so amazing.

We have started using these gorgeous animal yoga cards.

With the flip of a card, you and your kids will be able to try out different animal yoga poses.

The kit has 32 different animal poses for your family to try, including some of my all-time favorites.

We’ve practiced lots of these poses at home (make sure you choose poses that are suitable to your child’s skills)

Horse Pose

Most kids are obsessed with horses, so this pose is the perfect pose to add to your kid’s yoga routine.

Would you like to try?

Have your child stand with their feet facing out slightly, then bend at the knees so that they stand majestically like a horse.

Turtle Pose

Kids love the turtle pose! Have them sit on their heels with their bended knees in front of them. Then have them lower their forehead to the mat and arch their back into the shell shape.

Bear Pose

The bear pose is the perfect pose to use for any kids who need to get the wiggles out.

Have your kids lie on their back and hug their knees to their chest. Once they are comfortable, have them rock back and forth!

Elephant Pose

The elephant pose is fantastic for any kid, no matter the age. Just have them bend at the hips and sway their upper body side to side like they are an elephant swaying their trunk!

Shark Pose

This pose is one of my favorites for kids because they can learn it pretty quickly to grow their yoga confidence.

Have them lay face down on the ground, lift their chest while holding their hands together behind their backs to make a fin.

Animal Yoga Cards

Animal yoga cards for kids

Yoga is a great activity to try with kids, so we have just added our printable set of animal yoga poses to our shop.

The yoga cards will help you and your kids explore a variety of animal poses.

The kit includes pictures as well as descriptions for 32 different poses that I’m sure you will use over and over again.

The poses include fun animal yoga poses like:

  • Downward-facing Dog Pose
  • Butterfly Pose
  • Dolphin Pose
  • Cobra Pose
  • Flamingo Pose
  • Cow Pose
  • Eagle Pose
  • Goanna Pose
  • Turtle Pose
  • Horse Pose
  • Kangaroo Pose
  • Duck Pose
  • Giraffe Pose
  • Stingray Pose
  • Badger Pose
  • Bear Cub Pose
  • Bird Pose
  • Crow Pose
  • Bat Pose
  • Owl Pose
  • Crab Pose
  • Elephant Pose
  • Donkey Pose
  • Iguana Pose
  • Octopus Pose
  • Shark Pose
  • Fox Pose
  • Whale Pose
  • Crocodile Pose
  • Hedgehog Pose
  • Pigeon Pose
  • Puppy Pose

In Summary

Animal Yoga is the perfect activity for your family to get everybody’s extra energy out and have a good time going.

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