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Special Tales: Confusion Monster On The Loose

Day One for this blog! In this blog, I will be sharing very “special” children’s stories.  These tales were born to help our son, who has special needs, manage the anger, anguish and unsettling thoughts that sometimes assail him.  In case you have just landed here, let me just give you a bit of background. A year back, in January 2017, we moved to New Zealand from Spain. All the changes that moving countries imply (new language, new school, no friends, new home, no family in town) have been a very hard experience for our son.  The stories that I will be sharing here have been, at times, a lifesaver for us. I encourage you to read the “about me” page to get to know us better.

The fragment I´m sharing today belongs to the first story we invented. My “not-so-secret-plan” (as I´m sharing it here with you) is to have it illustrated and published. As a matter of fact, when I first drafted this post what I really wrote was “my plan is to look for an illustrator”. Then I shared my ideas with my artistic little sister Soledad (we are going downhill towards the 50s but she will always be my little sister). The next morning I woke up to a Whatsapp full of these amazing illustrations, way better than the ones I had commissioned from a professional illustrator. So there you go, now my plan is to get my sister to draw the illustrations and then publish the story (you read this, Soledad, didn´t you?)

Before I start the Confusion Monster tale, let me explain how it all started. Our son has been unsettled for many months because he misses his life back in Spain and wants to go back.  His frustration has resulted in many negative thoughts and verbalizations such as “I hate confusion” “I hate making mistakes”.

In one of our family road trips on our way to visit grandparents, he began to say “I don´t want confusion to come on holidays with us”. He wanted those thoughts and feelings to be left behind, to be able to enjoy our holidays. So, trapped in a long car journey and with few resources to prevent a potential crisis, I started inventing a story in which Confusion Monster was trying to sneak into our trip but we tricked him and left him behind.

As you will read, the hero-boy in the story is quite special. He is afraid of loud noises, and bad thoughts have in him an easy victim. I wanted lots of other special heroes to find themselves portrayed in the story. In the original story Mum was fixing the problems, but when I started crafting the story I decided to include a sister so that both of them would team up in the effort to fight the monsters.

I want to apologise in advance about formatting issues. This is the first tale I share and I´m not too sure how it will come out in different devices. I´ll improve as I blog, trial and error! Your patience will be appreciated

Let´s wait no more. Here goes the first story fragment. I will be preparing a downloadable version soon.

Confusion Monster On The Loose!

(At the end of the post, there is a transcript of the text shown in the images below)

Victor from the Confusion Monster Tale Text image - transcript at the end of this set of images








Emma from the Confusion Monster Tale

Text image- transcript at the end of the images









Victor says: have you heard about the Ugly-Thought Monsters?










Text image - transcript after the images


Text image with information about the Confusion Monster- Transcript at the end


Confusion Monster Text image- Monster talks- transcript at the end








Emma talks- Text image - Transcript at the end


Emma says to the Confusion Monster:


Image of Confusion Monster with text on top- Transcript below


The door slams and he is trapped in the bathroom.


Emma and Victor jump happily.

Transcript of the text shown in the images:

Victor says: Hi! I’m Victor! I love pizza, swimming, and playing pranks on my sister! There are also things I don’t like. Loud noises, like balloons popping, the coffee machine, and the waste disposal in the kitchen, scare me.

Emma says: “Victor, stop it! I’m Emma. I love arts and crafts and anything that has a princess or a fairy in it. I also make sure balloons are out of Victor’s way. Mmm, except when he teases me! Then I chase him around with a balloon.!

Victor says: Have you heard about the Ugly-Thought Monsters?
The Ugly-Thought Monsters are creatures that feed on bad thoughts. Once they grow big enough they sneak out into the real world. I have superpowers and always spot them. Unfortunately, due to my sixth sense superpower, they also spot me first and try to capture me.
Oh! I’m getting the signal that Confusion Monster is running loose”

Narrator: Confusion Monster is blue. He has horns and a long tail. He carries a question mark on his head. Why? Because he is confused. Don’t be fooled by his teasing smile and his big eyes. He loves people getting confused and making mistakes. If you see him down the street, run! Or he will trap you and you will start speaking in a nonsensical way

Confusion Monster says: Oh, what a lovely scene! Two cute siblings getting ready for their holidays. I’m going to trap them in my confusion net. I’ll spend the holidays annoying them. It’s going to be so fun! Whoa, ha, ha!

Emma says: You can only return the Ugly-Thought Monsters to the Imaginary World when you lock them away from human contact. That way, they slowly vanish and disappear.

Emma says to the Confusion Monster: We are going for a long road trip. The rule is “no pee, no trip!”

Narrator: Confused by Emma’s confidence and lack of fear, Confusion Monster finally agrees to comply with the trip rules. “Okay, I’ll do it”. Confusion Monster goes to the toilet, pulls his pants down, sits down on the toilet, and then…
The door slams and he is trapped in the bathroom.

Confusion Monster says: “Oh no, it was a trick. Let me out!”

Emma and Victor jump happily. They say: “Not in a million years! There you stay little Monster”


I hope you enjoyed it!


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