5-Point Anger Scales for Kids (Assorted Children’s Illustrations)

Helping kids learn to express their emotions and feelings is a very important task.

Some kids find it difficult to identify, label or express feelings.  Tools like emotions charts or anger scales can become very useful allies.

My Anger Scale for Kids is a collection of 5-point anger scales that features an assortment of characters showing emotions that range from happiness to intense anger.

A 5-point anger scale is a powerful tool that helps kids:

  • understand their anger body signs and thoughts, and how these make them feel
  • label emotions
  • express and grade the intensity of their emotions (from happy to extremely angry)
  • brainstorm strategies for the moods presented on the scale.

5-Point Anger Scales for Kids_ Assorted Children Characters

Who can Benefit from these Anger Scales?

All kids can benefit from the help visual clues in emotions charts provide. But they are an essential tool when we work on emotion recognition with kids who:

  • have difficulties identifying other people‚Äôs emotions or their own
  • have difficulties expressing feeling
  • do not communicate verbally

My Anger Scale workbook portrays a wide range of kids characters, making this resource a must-have for school counselors, social workers or psychologists.

This workbook also provides some ideas on calming strategies that will help kids self-regulate.

Digital Workbook Content:

  • Introduction
  • How to Use your 5-Point Anger Scales
  • Calming Strategies Ideas
  • Anger Scales: Nine sets of scales portray a variety of characters. There are two chart options: 3 columns or 4 columns (the latter includes a coping strategies column)

Product Details:

  • Digital product in PDF format- 8.5  x 11 inches (It is not a printed product, but a digital download)
  • Number of pages: 26 (including cover)
  • The files are only for personal and non-transferable use.

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