Food Journal for Picky Eaters

My Food Journal: A Game-Changing Strategy to Get Picky Eaters (7 years & older) to Try New Foods

Are you tired of listening to the following words, right after you serve a meal on the table:

“I don’t like it”



“Is there anything else for dinner?”

I feel your pain. Aren’t our kids supposed to start growing out of these food rejections as they get older?

Instead, it sometimes feels their food repertoire keeps shrinking and shrinking!

And, don´t get me started with trying new foods!

But right now, we are in a different universe.

We are using a very powerful tool that sets the right ground rules to stop battles over new food.

Everybody needs to compromise:

  • you can’t push your kid to try new foods he doesn’t want to try, but,
  • your kid is on board and will commit to trying new foods of his choice.

Psst! This is not an excuse not to eat dinner! We are talking new foods here.

So, I took our dietician’s recommendation and I created this beautiful New Food Journal that my kid is just eager to get back to, over and over again.

Food Journal Product Display with Cover

Now, we are on a slow but consistent journey of trying new foods.

Getting a picky eater to try new foods is just PRICELESS!

Would you like to join us on this journey?

Grab this gorgeous, fun and affordable “New Food Journal”


My Food Journal for Picky Eaters



A food journal will help your child:

  • record his experiences with new tastes, smells, and new sensations
  • keep track of the number of time she tries a new food group
  • take ownership of this project, feel proactive and in control
  • become more aware of the importance of food and expanding their food repertoire
  • help her make an informed and fair decision about adding a specific new food to her diet

Digital Food Journal Content:

Parents Section

  • Introduction and General Tips for Good Eating Routines
  • How to Use this Food Journal

Children Section

  • Introduction
  • New Food Contract
  • How to Use this Food Journal
  • Monthly Tracker
  • 6 Steps to Exploring New Foods
  • My Food Journal Worksheets
  • All New Foods Tracker
  • Food Glossary

Digital product in PDF format- 8.5  x 11 inches (It is not a printed product, but a digital download)
Number of pages: 20 (including cover)
The files are only for personal and non-transferable use.

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