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Basic Emotions Worksheets

Basic Emotions: Identifying my Emotions Workbook

Are you looking for fun and educational activities to help your kids or students learn to identify the external expressions of their emotions?

Look no more!


Introducing Identifying my Emotions Workbooks.

Helping kids learn to identify their emotions and feelings is an important task.

Emotion recognition predicts social competence.

Hence, it’s not a surprise the increasing attention that emotional education is receiving. 

Emotional education seeks to develop emotional competence. And, family and school will play a vital role in the development of these competencies. 

The activities and worksheets that comprise these ebooks will work both at home and at school.

Who could benefit from these basic emotions workbooks?

  • Small children that are learning to identify the signs that our body sends us when we experience an emotion
  • Children with learning difficulties that make emotion recognition especially challenging.
    Recognizing and responding to others’ facial expressions or emotional states is difficult for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or intellectual disabilities. Hence, it is especially important to work with them on emotions recognition.

Presenting the first workbook in the series ??? (the picture links to the e-commerce platform)

Recognizing my Emotions: Anger

Identifying my Emotions Anger Workbook Product Display opt

Anger is a very important basic emotion. It is the alarm system that informs our body that something is bothering us and that we need to take action.

But anger, although useful, is an unpleasant emotion. Understanding anger and its function, knowing how to identify our signs and being able to express our anger appropriately,  are important milestones in our children’s emotional development.

An important initial step is being able to identify this emotion.

How can I help you?

The first exercise book of the series “Identifying my Emotions:  Anger” is a fun and instructional digital workbook.  A  child cartoon character with some emotion recognition difficulties will guide your child through several activities of different complexity. Once the workbook has been completed, your child should be better equipped to recognize the most common external signs of anger. 

Anger Signs Worksheets Basic Emotions


Digital Workbook Content:

Parent/Teacher section:

  • Presentation, structure, and objectives
  • External signs of anger arousal

Children Section:

  • Cartoon character presentation
  • How does my body tell me that I am angry (a selection of  16 very representative signs of anger presented with child-friendly vocabulary)
  • Activity 1 – Identifying the anger signs in oneself
  • Activity 2 – Identifying anger signs  in a drawing
  • Activity 3 – Choosing the right emotion
  • Activity 4- Identifying anger signs in a new drawing
  • Activity 5 – Identify anger signs  in other people

Product Details:

Digital product in PDF format- 8.5  x 11 inches (It is not a printed product, but a digital download)
Number of pages: 18 (including cover)
The files are only for personal and non-transferable use.

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